Are There Male Ants?


Leafcutters workers are ladies and all sisters. Male ants actually don’t do very much in the colony: they are raised by their sisters, and when they become adults they wait until the conditions are just right and then they leave the nest to mate with queens. When colonies aren’t getting ready to reproduce, there won’t be any male ants around at all.

The workers are all females! Male alates are only born if Queen isn’t fertile anymore or when it’s mating season (and also when the colony is a new colony and the Queen doesn’t have enough food then she will lay male eggs just to eat). Male alates do nothing to care for the nest. That’s what makes getting rid of sugar ants so tough, they aren’t any dumb males.

Maybe considering the fact that the ants had names at all, assuming the wrong sex wasn’t much more of a stretch. (yes I know worker ants, bees, wasps, etc are all female and males do nothing but fertilize the queen). If anyone has trouble getting rid of these pests, try ultrasonic pest repeller.

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